About Angels of Miracles (AoM), Inc.

Angels of Miracles, Inc is a Non Profit Corporation and Community Organization established in 2013. Angels of Miracles, Inc is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 5 directors.

  • Board President & Board Director - Katie Tucker
  • Board Secretary & Board Director - Kate Dumke
  • Board Treasurer & Board Director - Kristin Hetto
  • Board Director - Juli Kennedy
  • Board Director - Pam Kienbaum

Vision Statement

It is our vision to help families with children with long term illnesses/disabilities or who have suffered a life changing trauma who reside in Wisconsin.

Mission Statement

Angels of Miracles, Inc. offers fundraising assistance, event sponsorship, monetary aid for medical or housing expenses and helps with medical/therapy equipment needs.

Community Outreach Projects

#DailyMiracles is a Random Acts of Kindness year round campaign. We like to kickstart the pay it forward mindset couple times a year. In December we do a Giving Sock project, where we fill a sock with candy, trinkets and a note. The note instructs the recipient to refill the sock and 'Sock' someone else. In March/April we hand out Inspiration Eggs. Basically we fill plastic Easter eggs with candy and an inspirational quote, then hand them out to people we encounter on a day to day basis.

AoM Cares programs with will donate a care package to a family with a hospitalized child. These packages will include items such as basic toiletries, snacks, blankets, notepad, pen, activity book, crayons, and playing cards. We understand some of these things are hard to come by when you are stuck in the hospital with your sick child. We hope these package will help with some of those basic needs.

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple;

that comes back to you!